At our next QB Convene, held virtually on Saturday, May 8, we will gather to share and reflect on the challenges faced and successes achieved during the unprecedented times this past year. Together we hope to close the chapter of last year and find inspiration that will lead us into the next. We will also engage with the community and special speakers about finding strength and power in your unique identity. In this time of tremendous change, unpredictability, and loss, we have seen how communities have come together with kindness and compassion, reminding us about what matters most.

Each QB Convene gathering will provide the opportunity to reflect, connect, and grow with members of our vast community and beyond, bringing together diverse voices through inspirational speakers, experts, performers, storytellers, and those who have walked the path before you. The program will include keynotes, breakouts, community-wide projects, small gatherings, space for quiet reflection, and time for intimate conversations.