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Keynote Session

A Conversation with Anthony Jack

Speakers: Anthony Jack and Myrna Garza
Renowned Sociologist and Assistant Professor of Education at Harvard University, Anthony Jack, in conversation with QuestBridge Alum Myrna Garza, Rice ‘16, will discuss his book, The Privileged Poor, and will offer insight about how we can ask the right questions and bridge the social, cultural, and economic disparities on campus.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms 1:

The Unspoken Rules: Secrets to Standing Out and Leveling Up in Your Career

Speaker: Gorick Ng
Join Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Gorick Ng to learn about how to speak up, be heard, make an impact, and rise to “Level 7 Leadership.”

Make, Manage, Multiply: The Financial Principles Every Young Adult Should Know

Speaker: Paris Woods
Learn how to avoid financial traps and put yourself on the path to financial freedom by making, managing, and multiplying your money the smart way.

From Fraud to Freedom: The Intersection of Imposter Syndrome and Identity

Speaker: Phyllis Njoroge
It’s one thing to fear you’re a fraud despite your hard work because of insecurities; it’s another to think you don’t belong taking into account the systemic context of being told you don’t belong.

Breakout Rooms 2:

What to Do When You Realize YOU Were Your Parents’ Retirement Plan

Speakers: Vidal Anguiano Jr. and Kiki Spiezio
Growing up, our families worried about finances for days and weeks ahead. In this session, we’ll cover some strategic and tactical tips for how to prepare for your own AND your parents’ retirement.

Tiny Actions: Navigating Life’s Transitions with Simple Self-Care

Speakers: Anjeliqueca Bajita and Angie Luo
Learn simple self-care practices and mindset shifts to manage your well-being as you transition through life’s major chapters, including starting college, graduation, grad school, and career pivots.

Finding Your Voice as an Advocate for Change: Founding a Low-Income Fly-In Program at the University of Virginia and the Lessons Learned Along the Way

Speaker: Brielle Dotson
As low-income students, we often enter college wanting to fit in and not stand out. Competing with insecurities, academic challenges, and imposter syndrome, it takes time to grow into our voice and passions and ways to create a low-income community at our institution and social change. During this session, I will explore the struggles and difficulties endured in instituting a FGLI fly-in program at UVA and my transition to an advocate for the community. I would like to guide this as a conversation with peers about what we learn from these endeavors, what obstacles occur, and how we push forward.

Purpose, Pivots, and Pennies: Building a Resilient and Dynamic Career

Speakers: Youssef Kalad, Rifat Mursalin, and Brandon Sixto
QuestBridge Scholars walk a lifelong tightrope: how do I build a meaningful career, support my family, and stay true to my values? If you’ve ever found yourself teetering on this tightrope, wondering what to optimize and when, then join us for this discussion.

Give Back Ethically: Redistributing Our Resources

Speakers: Roselle Tenorio and Rakhi Agrawal
In this session, we will explore ways to give back but in ways that don’t perpetuate the very systems that necessitate QuestBridge’s existence. How can we share money in ways that promote equity, justice, and liberation?

Career Corners

Education Expanded: Careers in Education

Speakers: Janet Asante, Josh Farris, and Nick Timms
This session explores the pathways of 3 QuestBridge Alumni into the education sector: consulting, advocacy/research, and teaching.

The Unnormal Course: A Nonlinear Path of a Product Designer into Tech

Speaker: Hector Correa
Explore the path of a QuestBridge Alum who entered the tech industry as a Product Designer without a Design/Tech background, and leave with strategies to prepare you for an unconventional road ahead.

Taking the Leap: Leaving Academia for Tech

Speaker: Christopher Cross
What does it mean to chase a dream? Join me for a discussion of my wild journey into software engineering. I’ll speak in-depth about my transition and offer honest advice for entering this hot market.

Career Flexibility: Freelancing, Consulting, and Starting a Business

Speaker: Karissa Justice
Learn how one QB alum managed the year one financial risks as well as information and network barriers of quitting a job to become a freelance consultant and small business owner.

Sustainability: Working on Climate Change Solutions the Questie Way

Speaker: Tran Lam
Entering the field of sustainability is not easy, especially for a Questie. I will share my academic path, job search stories, career aspirations, and resources to shed light on this career path.

The Career Switcher: How I Switched from Finance to Marketing & What I Learned Along the Way

Speaker: Christa Nutor
Not all of us land our dream jobs right after college. In this session, Christa will be sharing her journey of switching careers and provide tips that prepare you to pivot to your dream position too.