Keynote Session

A Conversation with Dr. Jennifer Morton

This year’s QB Convene event will focus on different aspects of upward mobility. For QuestBridge Scholars and Alumni, having the opportunity to receive a degree at one of the nation’s top colleges and universities provides the chance to rise to a higher socioeconomic status. While there are many positive benefits to upward mobility, there is also a price to pay, as keynote speaker Jennifer Morton will discuss in the opening session. We’ll look at what dilemmas students and graduates face as they navigate privileged spaces in society, and how they can achieve the best versions of themselves.

Breakout Sessions

Breaking Free from a Scarcity Mindset

A “scarcity mindset,” or a belief that your money or your resources are and will always be limited, can create anxiety, jealousy, and stress in your life and potentially prevent you from seeing opportunities or taking steps to build long-term wealth. Join a panel discussion with QuestBridge Alumni to learn how alumni have experienced and dealt with their scarcity mindsets and ways they were able to move towards adopting a healthier approach to their finances.

Planning for Your Financial Future in College and Early Career

Oftentimes, college graduates prioritize finding a job and making money, without really understanding how to manage their money or develop a strong early financial foundation. In this session, Yanely Espinal, Director of Educational Outreach at Next Gen Personal Finance, will focus on the essential financial building blocks that every recent graduate or current college student should know: building credit, investing, savings, and budgeting.

Achieving Long-Term Financial Goals: Funding Your Retirement, Buying a Home, Paying Off Debt

You have a regular paycheck and know a little bit about budgeting and investing… but are you on track to purchase a home, build a retirement strategy, save toward your children’s education, or tackle other longer term financial goals? Learn from financial advisor Bonnie Mangold as she provides ways to feel less daunted by the prospect of planning for and making larger financial decisions.